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About the McIlvaines

Charles H. McIlvaine opened the McIlvaine Funeral Home in 1895 on Ridge Avenue at the site of the current East Falls Firehouse.

In 1950, his son, Charles J. McIlvaine, a gold medal olympic oarsman, relocated the funeral home to its current location on Midvale Avenue to avoid the frequent flooding of the Schuylkill River.

His sons, John and Boyd, came into the family business in the mid-60s.

In the mid-70s, they purchased the Simcox Funeral Home in Lansdale from Hillary Simcox, who had begun his business in 1940.

In 1990, Gus DiStefano began working for the funeral homes. He became John’s right hand man.

Boyd Jr. became a funeral director and joined the family business in 2001. When John McIlvaine passed away in 2002, Boyd Jr. became the supervisor of the East Falls business.

After 22 years as a first grade teacher, Joan McIlvaine is currently managing the East Falls funeral home.

The McIlvaines have provided more than a century of dignified service to all faiths at affordable prices.